IAR Online Test Prep

Illinois Assessment of Readiness


(Formerly Known as PARCC)

 Testing Windows

Grades 5th and 8th: March 11-15

Grades 4th and 7th: March 18-22

Grades 3rd and 6th: April 2-8


PLEASE NOTE: The platform and tools the students use to take the IAR exam will be exactly the same used on the PARCC exam. Many of the resources below still refer to PARCC.

Become a Test Nav Ninja Master!

These student friendly tutorials are designed to familiarize students with how to navigate the various tools on the Test Nav Toolbar. Students will utilize Test Nav to take the 2019 IAR test. 

IAR Question Types: Part 1
(equation editor and text editor)

IAR Question Types Part 2
( drop down, multiple choice, fill in the blank)

IAR Question Types Part 3
(video questions)

IAR Question Types Part 4
(highlight text, select text, drag and drop)

Test Nav Toolbar Tools
(Grades 3-5)

Test Nav Toolbar Tools
(Grades 6-8)

IAR Accessibility Options

IAR Tabbed Passages and Internal Scrolling

General Resources

IAR Practice Test Tutorial (Part 1)
Navigating the Test:
This video walks students through how to access the IAR practice test and how to navigate through the test.

IAR Practice Test Tutorial (Part 2)
Test Tools:
This video focuses on the various tools students will need to know how to utilize within the TestNav platform. These tools include a magnifier, line reader, note pad, answer eliminator, and pointer/highlighter to name a few.

IAR Practice Test Tutorial (Part 3)
Test Taking Skils:
This video focuses on the various question types students will encounter on the test and the skills they will need to answer questions successfully. Some examples of question types include free response, multiple answer, drag and drop, and using a drop down menu.

IAR Test Nav. Tutorial: This hands-on tutorial is designed to familiarize students with how to navigate through the TestNav platform.

Practice Tests

ELA Practice Tests - Select grade level and click on "Standard Test Nav Version" button

Math Practice Tests - Select grade level and click on "Standard Test Nav Version" button

Online Student Tutorials

These tutorials will show students the variety of question types they will encounter when taking the IAR online.  First students are exposed to a question type and then they are given a content-based example for practice.

Grade 3-5 ELA

Grades 6-8 ELA

Grades 3-5 Math

Grades 6-7 Math

Grade 8 Math

Equation Editor Tutorials

The equation editor is a tool students will need to know how to use for the math portion of the IAR. It allows students to build equations to show solutions to test questions.

Equation Editor Guide (Grades 3-5)

Equation Editor Tutorial (Grades 3-5)

Practice with Equation Editor (Grades 3-5)


Equation Editor Guide (Grades 6-8)

Equation Editor Tutorial (Grades 6-8)

Practice with Equation Editor (Grades 6-8)

Keyboarding Game Sites

Dance Mat Typing

Free Typing Games

Learning Games for Kids

Super Hyper Spider Typer

Typing Club

Online Calculators

Basic Calculator

Scientific Calculator

Plotting Points

Hit the Coordinate

Interactive Cartesian Coordinates

Text Editing Tools

Mr. Nussbaum's Sentence Surgeons

Virtual Measuring Tools

Age of Angles

ABCYa Measuring Angles