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Chromebook Care & Cleaning

Logging into the Chromebook and ClassLink


How Can I Find My Child's Username and Password?

There are TWO ways to find student usernames and passwords

#1: Ask their Teacher

#2: Check the Family Portal: If you have a family portal account, student usernames and passwords can be found there.

If you do not have an Aspen Family Portal, please submit this form.
(Please Note: Account creation can take 1-2 weeks)

The username and password can be found in the area indicated by the red box below.


Digital Learning Platforms


Both Seesaw and Google Classroom can be Accessed from the District's ClassLink Page.

Seesaw (K-2 Students)

What is Seesaw? (English)

What is Seesaw? (Spanish)

How to Use Seesaw Tools

Google Classroom (3-8 Students)

Google Classroom for Students and Parents