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Both Seesaw and Google Classroom can be Accessed from the District's ClassLink Page.

Seesaw (K-2 Students)

What is Seesaw? (English)

What is Seesaw? (Spanish)

How to Use Seesaw Tools

Google Classroom (3-8 Students)

Google Classroom for Students and Parents

Logging into the Chromebook and ClassLink


How Can I Find My Child's Username and Password?

There are TWO ways to find student usernames and passwords

#1: Ask their Teacher

#2: Check the Family Portal: If you have a family portal account, student usernames and passwords can be found there.

If you do not have an Aspen Family Portal, please submit this form.
(Please Note: Account creation can take 1-2 weeks)

The username and password can be found in the area indicated by the red box below.


Chromebook Care & Cleaning