The goal of the Joliet Public Schools District 86 Social Studies program is to build upon students' curiosity and enthusiasm to promote their ability to think critically and creatively, including their ability to solve authentic, complex, and cross-disciplinary problems. This is done at the elementary level through the use of the Teachers' Curriculum Institute (TCI), and Discovery Education in the Junior High Schools. We aim to provide opportunities for students to develop the intellectual, technological, social, and participatory skills needed to excel in society so that they may become effective global citizens. Equipped with these skills and knowledge that comes from a careful examination of the values and decisions made by those who came before us, students will be prepared to deal with the critical issues of their time. Additionally, our program fosters inclusion and awareness around multicultural education and takes a culturally responsive approach to teaching. Creating greater multicultural awareness and inclusion helps students with different backgrounds and needs succeed, and encourages acceptance while preparing students to thrive in an exponentially diverse world.

College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards

ISBE Social Studies Standards

For more information regarding the Joliet Public Schools District 86 Social Studies curriculum, please see the grade-specific documents below: