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Summer School

Jun 08, 2018


It is time for Summer School!  We have an exciting six weeks of Summer School ready to launch on June 11th. 

Kindergarten through Third Grade students will be at Pershing, Sanchez, and Singleton Elementary Schools.  They will be building upon their reading and math skills as well as experiencing art, drama, science, music, and technology enrichment. 

Fourth through Seventh Grad will be at Hufford and Gompers Junior High Schools.  They will be also building upon their reading and math skills while experiencing art, drama, science, music technology, and STEM enrichment.

Libraries at these five schools (Pershing, Sanchez, Singleton, Hufford, and Gompers) will be open from 8:30 am - 2:30 pm during the six weeks of summer school.  ALL District 86 students are welcome to the libraries!

I want to encourage everyone - whether you are attending summer school or not - to continue reading.  Use your access to MyOn or use our school libraries, little free libraries, or the Joliet Public Libraries to gain access to reading materials.