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Gratitude and Thankfulness

Nov 01, 2023

There are times when I miss living in California and the sunny warm weather is certainly one of them.  I do not enjoy this cold Chicagoland weather.  I cannot believe that we have had snow already!  Fingers crossed that it will be a mild winter this year.

When I made the decision almost eight years ago to move back to the Midwest, one of the deciding factors was to be closer to family despite the weather.  I grew up in Indiana and it is wonderful to be only a few hours away from family, rather than planning a five-hour airplane ride for a visit.

November, for me, is a celebration of family and friends that culminates with a Thanksgiving gathering.  It is the perfect time to disconnect from work and our busy lives to enjoy close friends and family; a day to give thanks and celebrate.  I'm sure many of you have annual traditions that take place during this month.  Perhaps you start baking or decorating for the holidays.  Maybe you attend a holiday concert or parade.  Whatever activities you do this month, take a moment to cherish these times and acknowledge gratitude in every way possible.  

In November, we also recognize School Board Member Day.  This is a perfect time to publicly recognize our seven hard-working members of the Board of School Inspectors.  These individuals were elected by community members to provide leadership to ensure a shared vision of public education, set high standards for the education of our students, and monitor the operations of our school district.  These dedicated people selflessly volunteer countless hours for the Joliet community with no compensation!  Thank you to our Board of School Inspectors:

Elvis L. Madison, Jr., President

Jesse M. Smith, Vice President

Gwendolyn R. Ulmer

R. Emil Standfield

Matthew J. Pritz

Sandra Aguirre

Delia Ulloa-Jimenez

Please take time to reflect on what you are thankful for this month and count your blessings, like I try to do each day.  Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with relaxation, family, friends, and no snow!

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