Welcome New Certified Staff


More than 60 new employees at Joliet Public Schools District 86 recently completed a weeklong new teacher orientation to get ready for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. Topics included curriculum, equity, human resources, school security, student services, technology, and a chance to meet with their teacher mentor.

“We thrilled to welcome these individuals to our Joliet District 86 educational team.” said Joliet Public Schools District 86 Superintendent Dr. Theresa Rouse, “We look forward to seeing our students back at school on Wednesday, August 16th.”

New staff members include: Megan Allensworth, M.J. Cunningham Elementary; Debbie Alvarado, Carl Sandburg Elementary; Monica Alvarado, Lynne Thigpen Elementary; Julieta Arreola, Woodland Elementary; Adriene Bell, Isaac Singleton Elementary; Kaylee Beltrame, Farragut Elementary; Erika Bogard, Hufford Junior High; Abigail Bowman, M.J. Cunningham Elementary; Madeline Buss, M.J. Cunningham Elementary; Alieth Camacho, Marycrest Early Childhood Center; Alexis Ceballos, Dirksen Junior High; Ruben Chavez, Gompers Junior High; Sarah Cheranichit, M.J. Cunningham Elementary, Pershing Elementary; Julia De Guzman, Pershing Elementary; Aiste Drukteinyte, Thomas Jefferson Elementary; Paige Earls, Farragut Elementary; Madison Eckberg, Sator Sanchez Elementary; Alejandro Elizondo, Lynne Thigpen Elementary; Ariyanna Ellis, Lynne Thigpen Elementary; Emily Flatness, Carl Sandburg Elementary; Veronica Gallegos, Farragut Elementary; Rosemary Garcia, Edna Keith Elementary; Caryn Hall, Farragut Elementary; Doris Hamm, Lynne Thigpen Elementary; Jorie Hermosillo, Thomas Jefferson Elementary; George Hiler, Dirksen Junior High; Marisa Huddlestun, Hufford Junior High; Angelina Incavo, Carl Sandburg Elementary; Alicia Jackson, Eisenhower Academy, Sator Sanchez Elementary, and Carl Sandburg Elementary; Hannah Jaros, Pershing Elementary; Denise Jimenez, Sator Sanchez Elementary; Nicole Jones, Farragut Elementary; Melissa Juarez, Lynne Thigpen Elementary; Kimberly Karlinski, Marycrest Early Childhood Center; Lauren Key, M.J. Cunningham Elementary; Andrea Knowles, Carl Sandburg Elementary; Sarah Lancman, Carl Sandburg Elementary; Emma Lawrence, Dirksen Junior High; Adrian Leija, M.J. Cunningham Elementary; Katherine Malik, Isaac Singleton Elementary; Sean Marino, A.O. Marshall Elementary; Jaclyn Marta, Dirksen Junior High; Mary Ann Martin, Hufford Junior High; Nadine Mele, A.O. Marshall Elementary; Jessica Mirowski, M.J. Cunningham Elementary, Farragut Elementary; Matthew Morris, T.E. Culbertson Elementary; Sandra Morris, M.J. Cunningham Elementary; Magdalena Munoz, Isaac Singleton Elementary; Dominique Nelson, Dirksen Junior High; Maria Olmo, Woodland Elementary; Christy Peddicord, Pershing Elementary; Ana Perez-Briones, Farragut Elementary; Mary Perez Robledo, Sator Sanchez Elementary; Briana Reitenbach, Sator Sanchez Elementary; Erin Riess, Washington Junior High; Victor Romo, J.F. Kennedy Administrative Center; Emily Ryan, Carl Sandburg Elementary; Sonia Saragossa, Farragut Elementary; Thomas Sedlacek, Farragut Elementary; Sydni Smith, Hufford Junior High; Tania Taylor, Farragut Elementary; Isabel Tinoco, Gompers Junior High; Imani Thompson, Taft Elementary; Danielle Weck, Edna Keith Elementary; Carol Whitledge, Hufford Junior High; and Emily Winkle, Lynne Thigpen Elementary.

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