Superintendent Student Awards - Third Trimester

Joliet District 86 Superintendent Award Winners - Third Trimester

Congratulations to the 21 Joliet Public Schools District 86 students who received the Superintendent’s Award for the third trimester of the 2023-2024 school year. Superintendent Dr. Theresa Rouse, along with the school principal, presented the awards to the students.

“I love surprising the students with these awards,” said Joliet Public Schools District 86 Superintendent Dr. Theresa Rouse, “Only one student from each of our schools is selected for this honor.” 

The student winners were: Jacqueline Aguilar, T.E. Culbertson Elementary; Melody Gonzales, M.J. Cunningham Elementary; Makayla Mays, Dirksen Junior High; Arely Gutierrez, Eisenhower Academy; Giuliana Ciangola, Farragut Elementary; Giselle Fregozo, Forest Park Individual Education (I.E.) School; Anna Sanchez, Thomas Jefferson Elementary; Salome Lasso Rua, Gompers Junior High; DayAna Hill, Hufford Junior High; Jessie Mendoza, Edna Keith Elementary; Luis Zamudio, A.O. Marshall Elementary; Sadie Green, Marycrest Early Childhood Center; Jayme Connor, Pershing Elementary; Luciana Vega, Sator Sanchez Elementary; Isac Medina, Carl Sandburg Elementary; Emmanuel Martinez, Isaac Singleton Elementary; Da’Marion Thomas, Taft Elementary; Elena Franchi, Lynne Thigpen Elementary; Nathaniel Fowler, Thompson Instructional Center; Dereon Morgan, Washington Academy; and Jaelyn Pierce, Woodland Elementary.

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