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Middle of Trimester One

Oct 01, 2021

We are at the halfway point for our first trimester for the 2021-22 school year.  Time is moving quickly but I want to be sure to take the time to recognize the efforts and support being provided by everyone that is part of our organization.

First to our amazing teachers - you are all giving 150% every day to make sure your students are able to find success in everything they do.  Your creativity, enthusiasm, empathy, and care for your students is obvious in everything you do!

Next to our outstanding students and their families - I am impressed daily by the incredible work being accomplished by each and every student.  Your efforts do not go unnoticed and they will be what carry you forward in life.  Parents/families - your support of your children and of their learning is so important in helping every student succeed.  We cannot do this work without you and your partnership is more and more important every day!

Now to our support staff (paraprofessionals, office, nutrition services, custodial, building support, social workers, psychologists, counselors, nurses) - you are the backbone to the entire organization.  The positivity and grace that you bring to your work lifts everyone to a higher level of productivity.  I am so thankful for each of you every day!

Next to our administrative leadership team - you are giving all that you have and then some more to ensure that everyone is safe and supported every day.  I know you are having to deal with many things this year that are not "normal" in your professional life.  However, you have each stepped into the role and tasks that are before you that reflect your overwhelming sense of professionalism, care, and empathy for everyone you support each day.  I am thankful, grateful, and blessed to have such great leaders working alongside me!

Last, but not least, to our Board of School Inspectors - your support in every decision that is made help to move the district forward as we work to ensure the academic success of our students, as well as the safety of our staff and students.  Your support provides me the flexibility to lead the district into the unchartered territory that we are navigating during this second year of the global pandemic.  

This district would not be able to function without every individual referenced in the above comments.  The old saying that "no man is an island" is never more true than it is this school year.  We are living in challenging times, but I know that as we work through each challenge we are becoming stronger as individuals and as an organization.  

I am truly thankful, grateful, and blessed to be part of such a caring organization!

As always, I encourage you to communicate your thoughts, questions, concerns, comments, and/or compliments using our Let's Talk communication tool on the district website.  You can click the logo below to go directly to the tool and leave your comments.