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End of the Trimester

Nov 01, 2018

The end of our first trimester is one week away.  Students have been working hard, learning and growing as they are exposed to new information in new ways.  Teachers have been working hard ensuring they are providing high level instruction in a safe learning space.  How do we know what is working?  By tracking our progress and telling the story of that progress.

Telling the story of our district's progress is a multi-layered process.  In order to make the information more accessible to all of our stakeholders, we have put together a strategic dashboard.  This dashboard opens with a reminder of our vision and mission statement along with our strategic goals and foundational pillars.  These statements, goals, and pillars are the basis upon which we make our decisions for what is best for students.

The second tab of the dashboard is named "Indicators".  This page provides information that really gets to the meat of who we are as a school district and what we provide to our students.  Information about whole child opportunities, assessments, awards, characteristics, learning environment, family engagement, and finance are included.

The third tab of the dashboard is named "Strategy".  This page provides information related to our progress toward our strategic goals.  The goals were adopted by the school board in September of 2017.  This school year is our second year of aligning our work to the goals as part of a five-year cycle.

You can visit the strategic dashboard by clicking the link on the district website under "District Info" or by clicking this image  Strategic_Dashboard

If you have any questions or comments, click the "Let's Talk" link at the top of the district website.