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Changing of the Seasons

Sep 07, 2018


The changing of the seasons brings less predictable weather - more rain and hopefully less humidity along with cooler temperatures as well as the changing colors in nature.  How does this connect with school?

Less predictable weather means school schedules can change in an instant.  Outside recess becomes inside recess; after school outside sports, such as baseball and soccer, get postponed; umbrellas are kept closer at hand.

The seasons change as our systems grow.  In schools, this is represented in the learning that occurs.  Students enter school with base knowledge they have gathered from their interactions outside of school, at home, and from previous years of education.  As they advance through the school year, they change - much like the seasons.  They learn and grow throughout the year as they mature to the next level.

How can you help your child through the changing of the seasons of his/her learning?  You can read together.  You can explore old and new places while talking about what you see.  You can do simple math while grocery shopping.  You can share chores around the house while talking about any topic.  By spending quality time with your child, you are helping your child to move through the changing of the seasons of his/her learning.

Let's embrace the changing of the seasons and see what new learning we can all do together.