Student Note Cards Winners


Student note cards were created from one piece of student artwork from each District 86 school. A pack of 20 cards and envelopes are available for purchase at the District 86 J.F. Kennedy Administrative Center at 420 N. Raynor Avenue in Joliet for $10.00. For more information, please call (815) 740-3196. 

This year’s notecard winners included: T.E. Culbertson Elementary: Jayden Burton; M.J. Cunningham Elementary: Andrea Ramirez; Eisenhower Academy: Zoe Cardenas; Farragut Elementary: Caleb Dennis; Forest Park Individual Education School: Rebecca Hernandez; Thomas Jefferson Elementary: Aaliyah Ugalde; Edna Keith Elementary: Yazaria Brathwaite; A.O. Marshall Elementary: Adamari Sanchez; Marycrest Early Childhood Center: Naima Gonzalez; Pershing Elementary: Maye Villagomez; Sator Sanchez Elementary: Diego Tirado; Carl Sandburg Elementary: Kimberly Flores; Isaac Singleton Elementary: Lindsey Arciniega Ramirez; Taft Elementary: Ariana Aragon-Alfaro; Lynne Thigpen Elementary: Valerie Ruiz Flores; Woodland Elementary: Gabriela Mendoza; Dirksen Junior High: Kaylah Howard; Gompers Junior High: Bryan Velazco; Hufford Junior High: Bethzy Contreras Orozco; and Washington Academy: Tanasia Poe.

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