Student Art Show - May 17, 2024


The Joliet Public Schools District 86 Fine Arts Department will host a Student Art Show on Friday, May 17, 2024 from 4:30-7:30 p.m. at Isaac Singleton Elementary, 1451 Copperfield Avenue, and Gompers Junior High, 1501 Copperfield Avenue. The schools will be transformed into an art gallery showcasing over 1,400 pieces of student from all District 86 elementary and junior high schools. The free event is open to the public.

The art show is coordinated by Joliet Public Schools District 86 Fine Arts Coordinator Bill Howard and teachers Kelly Bartels, Miranda Campbell, Sarah Cheranichit, Rene Fitz-Henley, Amy Hayes, Denise Johnson, Andrea Kanive, Lara Marcantonio, Christine May, Zeinab Ramadan, Stephanie Schoen, Tracey Stefos, Martha Summers-Romero, and Felicia Trevillian.

In addition to student art, music will be provided by the District 86 All City Mariachi Band, All City Jazz Band, Hufford Honors Orchestra, Hufford Jazz Band, and the Washington Jazz Band. The student musicians are directed by Christine Adelmann, R. Scott Barnas, Clifford Hunt, James Shaw, and Rachael Tatar.

Notecards, highlighting one piece of student artwork from each District 86 school, will be available to purchase. This year’s student notecard winners include: Sofia Luna, T.E. Culbertson Elementary; Brandon Guevara, M.J. Cunningham Elementary; Angela De La Mora, Dirksen Junior High; Kimberly Mora, Eisenhower Academy; Layla Martinez Dimas, Farragut Elementary; Christopher Cruz, Forest Park I.E. School; Isabel Perez, Gompers Junior High; Louise McCabe, Hufford Junior High; Diona Vargas, Thomas Jefferson Elementary; Sofia Ruiz, Edna Keith Elementary; Marco Santana, A.O. Marshall Elementary ; Gael Avila, Marycrest Early Childhood Center; Melany Guzman, Pershing Elementary; Anel Martin, Sator Sanchez Elementary; Amiya Adams, Carl Sandburg Elementary; Yaretzi Aguilar, Isaac Singleton Elementary; Elizabeth Tavera, Taft Elementary; Jade Gonzalez, Lynne Thigpen Elementary; Sofia Paramo, Washington Junior High; and Briana Guzman Martinez, Woodland Elementary.

The student notecard winners were recognized at by the District 86 Board of School Inspectors at their May 8, 2024 school board meeting.

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