Spelling Bee Winners


Congratulations to the Joliet Public Schools District 86 Spelling Bee Contest Winners. After 17 rounds of spelling, Eisenhower Academy fifth-grade student Julia Yanchick took home the first-place trophy at the Joliet Public Schools District 86 Elementary School Spelling Bee Contest. Woodland Elementary fifth grader Carolina De La Torre Rodarte was runner-up and Maurice Terry from Farragut came in 3rd place while Jade Baker from M.J. Cunningham was the fourth place winner. Also competing at the contest were: T.E. Culbertson Elementary: James Smithy; Forest Park Individual Education School: Agustin Chavez; Thomas Jefferson Elementary: Devyn Skye Miranda competed in place of Jonathan Zambrano; Edna Keith Elementary: Logan Rutherford; A.O. Marshall Elementary: Sebastian Franco; Pershing Elementary: Marley Green; Sator Sanchez Elementary: Jimena Jimenez; Carl Sandburg Elementary: Beautiful Thigpen; Isaac Singleton Elementary: Itzayana Barrios; Taft Elementary: Olivia Baranski; and Lynne Thigpen Elementary: Juliana Fajardo.

Junior High 1st Place Winners included: Dirksen Junior High: Diego Billasenor-Buitron ,Vanessa Cabrera, Jaiden Lemke, Gompers Junior High: Amy Alarcon, Madelyn Curry, Genesis Reyes; Hufford Junior High: Delissa Gutierrez, Jose Ibarra, Ryan Thilmony; and Washington Junior High; Jakob Dewitt, Angela Guzman, Rocco Jones.

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