Junior High Students Receive Music Awards


Congratulations to our graduating eighth grade students who were recognized for their outstanding music achievement in Joliet Public Schools District 86.  Over 875 students in grades 5th through 8th participated in our music program this school year.   

Dirksen Junior High School
Band Director Award: Harmony Duke
Choir Director Award: Camila Melero
Orchestra Director Award: Melissa Arreguin
John Philip Sousa Band Award: Talon Johnson
National School Choral Award: Onnusty Martin
National School Orchestra Award: Betzabeth Aguirre

Gompers Junior High School
Band Director Award: Olivia Calderon
Choir Director Award: Edgar Solis-Contreras
Orchestra Director Award: Gianna Guerrero
John Philip Sousa Band Award: Edgar Rios
National School Choral Award: Anne Correale
National School Orchestra Award: Sofia Patino

Hufford Junior High School
Band Director Award: Rikku Juarez
Choir Director Award: Sofia Talarico
Orchestra Director Award: Julian Fuentes
John Philip Sousa Band Award: Esbayde Gonzalez
National School Choral Award: Jacob Helenhouse
National School Orchestra Award: Grace Vanderhyden
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Grace Vanderhyden

Washington Junior High School
Band Director Award: Benjamin Jensen
Choir Director Award: Johannah Williams
Orchestra Director Award: Margaret O’Hara
John Philip Sousa Band Award: Melody Collier
National School Choral Award: Khloe Isom
National School Orchestra Award: Rocco Jones
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Megan Collier

All City Mariachi
Mariachi Director Award of Excellence: Valeria Molina Martinez

The Director Awards recognized not only student’s outstanding musical achievement, but also their dedication, character, commitment, and leadership above and beyond the call of duty. The students that won the Director’s Award received an engraved plaque and their name was added to a plaque hanging in the music room at their school.

The John Phillip Sousa Band, National School Choral, and National School Orchestra Awards recognized 8th grade musicians who displayed superior musicianship, leadership, and dependability. The awards highlighted outstanding achievement and interest in music, for singular merit in loyalty and cooperation, and for displaying those high qualities of conduct that school performance music requires. The award is the top nationwide prize in the school music field, both in prestige and appearance. It promotes the entire ensemble by encouraging musicians to greater achievement and enthusiasm. The student winners of these awards received a pin, certificate, engraved trophy, and their name was engraved on the plaque that is displayed in the music room at their schools. 

The Louis Armstrong Jazz Award recognized students’ outstanding achievement by an instrumentalist in the field of jazz, as demonstrated through superior musicianship, character, and individual creativity. The student recipients of this award received a pin, certificate, and engraved trophy. The student’s names were also engraved on a plaque in the music room at their school.

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