Grandparents Visit Pershing School


Grandfathers and grandmothers were invited to the school to visit their grandchild’s classroom and participate in activities, including songs, crafts, worksheets, and interviews.  The Pershing Student Council, consisting of 25 third, fourth, and fifth grade students, served as tour guides event and made posters for the event that were displayed throughout the school to welcome the grandparents. Student Council Members for the 2018-2019 school year include: Yoselin Aguilera, Rosaleigh Alday, Gianna Arroyo, Christian Cardenas, Francisco Casas Bardales, Leanni Casas Bardales, Soraya Casillas, Fernanda Chavez, Silvino Cuevas, Tony Fiscal, Aiden Hult, James Lee, Noel Lopez, Stephan Marshall, Gizelle Mayo, Diya Patel, Charlie Rolff, Katherine Romo, Ethen Serena, Alyssa Walker, and Amia Zavala.

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