District 86 Employees Recognized with Awards

Taft Elementary School Kindergarten Paraprofessional Estela Paramo is congratulated on completing her 45th year in Joliet Public Schools District 86 by Superintendent Dr. Theresa Rouse.

Congratulations to the Joliet Public Schools District 86 employees who received longevity awards. Employees were recognized for 45, 35, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, and 5 years of service with the school district. The honorees included:

Estela Paramo, Taft Elementary

Susan Smith, Isaac Singleton Elementary

Tammy Cline, Marycrest Early Childhood Center; Timothy Stilwell, Eisenhower Academy

Erika A. Diaz, J.F. Kennedy Administrative Center; Dawn Dickinson, Hufford Junior High; Kathleen Hartke, Marycrest Early Childhood Center; Debra Monk, Gompers Junior High; Leonor Pena, Hufford Junior High; Tracy Romano, Isaac Singleton Elementary; Nicole Sanchez-Paramo, Sator Sanchez Elementary; Linda Smith, M.J. Cunningham Elementary; Karen Glowicki, Hufford Junior High; Richard Kelch, Gompers Junior High

Stephen Borden, M.J. Cunningham Elementary; Valerie Del Toro, J.F. Kennedy Administrative Center; Timothy Dunne, Gompers Junior High; Deana Dunnett, Carl Sandburg Elementary; Kristin Gedmin, Dirksen Junior High; Caryl Green, Thomas Jefferson Elementary; Katherine Hall-Risor, Washington Junior High; Chris Hall, Dirksen Junior High; Regina Herod, J.F. Kennedy Administrative Center; Terrance Hopkins, Farragut Elementary; Lawanda Kent, J.F. Kennedy Administrative Center; Cheryl Lasson, Dirksen Junior High, Hufford Junior High; George Lowery, Edna Keith Elementary; Jacquelyn Lowry, T.E. Culbertson Elementary; Christine May, Washington Junior High; Heather Poch, Gompers Junior High; Megan Richter-Lipscomb, Dirksen Junior High; Antony Rose, Dirksen Junior High; Dr. Jennifer Smith, J.F. Kennedy Administrative Center; Nikki Todd, Dirksen Junior High; Ella Toran, Building Support Services; Lisa Trilli-Mayfield, Eisenhower Academy, Carl Sandburg Elementary, Laura Zumwalt, Marycrest Early Childhood Center

Stephanie Achter, Hufford Junior High; Patricia Arias, Sator Sanchez Elementary, Woodland Elementary; Eileen Bakel, Marycrest Early Childhood Center; Susan Bannon, Edna Keith Elementary; Julie Bark, Pershing Elementary; Jennifer Barker, Eisenhower Academy; Laurel Bird, Washington Junior High; Eric Blaeser, Gompers Junior High Curtis Boyd, Building Support Services; Silvia Cadenas, Sator Sanchez Elementary; Michelle Clay, Taft Elementary; Nacole Claypool, Washington Junior High; Victoria Combs, Marycrest Early Childhood Center; Julie Crutchfield, M.J. Cunningham Elementary; Dr. Robert Culp, J.F. Kennedy Administrative Center; Bruce Currie, Sator Sanchez Elementary; Jacob Darley, Forest Park Individual Education (I.E.) School;  Mary Ekert, A.O. Marshall Elementary; Kenita Elmore, Hufford Junior High; Dacia Franks-Thurman, Edna Keith Elementary; Jennifer French, Farragut Elementary; Elizabeth Gariti, Lynne Thigpen Elementary; Alita Guerrero, Dirksen Junior High; Kimberly Hacker, Dirksen Junior High;  Tiffnay Harris, Woodland Elementary; Casonya Henderson, Taft Elementary; Jillian Herbert, Eisenhower Academy; Denise Johnson, Isaac Singleton Elementary; Keonna Jones, Woodland Elementary; Kim Knigge, J.F. Kennedy Administrative Center; Irene Krafcisin, Carl Sandburg Elementary; Patrick Lauer, Sator Sanchez Elementary; Kari Letko, Edna Keith Elementary; Catherine Limacher, Lynne Thigpen Elementary; Allison Lynn, Gompers Junior High; Carlene Mackey-Rush, Woodland Elementary; Lara Marcantonio, Eisenhower Academy, Thomas Jefferson Elementary; Ana Morales, J.F. Kennedy Administrative Center; Heather Perez, Sator Sanchez Elementary; Maria Razo, Isaac Singleton Elementary; Christopher Reed, T.E. Culbertson Elementary; Stephanie Renderman, Pershing Elementary, Lynne Thigpen Elementary; Jeffrey Richardson, Woodland Elementary; Suzanne Saculla, Marycrest Early Childhood Center; Rosa Sanchez, Sator Sanchez Elementary; Kevin Schoenherr, A.O. Marshall Elementary; Michael Shavers, Building Support Services; Tracey Stefos, A.O. Marshall Elementary, Woodland Elementary; Antoinette Studer, Lynne Thigpen Elementary; Heather Stugis, Marycrest Early Childhood Center; Sofia Thomas, Isaac Singleton Elementary; Maria Torres, Sator Sanchez Elementary; Mindy Williams, J.F. Kennedy Administrative Center; Kristine Wright, Carl Sandburg Elementary; Karina Zurita, Isaac Singleton Elementary, Woodland Elementary

Pamela Bates, Lynne Thigpen Elementary; Marlie Buckingham, T.E. Culbertson Elementary; Carrie Busse, Pershing Elementary; Diana Cerrillo, Dirksen Junior High; Jana Clark, Woodland Elementary; Caitlin Damore, Hufford Junior High; Edith Diaz, M.J. Cunningham Elementary; Julieta Diaz, Isaac Singleton Elementary; Agueda Dominguez, Gompers Junior High; Janet Drew, Gompers Junior High; Beth Espinosa, Woodland Elementary; Jeanette Flores, A.O. Marshall Elementary; Tameka Gadlen, Edna Keith Elementary; Daniel Garcia, J.F. Kennedy Administrative Center; Roderick Gleason, Hufford Junior High; Laura Hall, Farragut Elementary; Kristie Hudak, Marycrest Early Childhood Center; Laura Jackson, A.O. Marshall Elementary, Lynne Thigpen Elementary; Pricila Jimenez, Marycrest Early Childhood Center, Isaac Singleton Elementary; Kimberly Kelly, Woodland Elementary; Sherrill Lange, Forest Park I.E. School; Evelyn Loock, Marycrest Early Childhood Center; Carley Loughrey, Woodland Elementary; Stacey Mcintosh, Hufford Junior High; Jessie Moore, Dirksen Junior High; Kaitlen Poronsky, Lynne Thigpen Elementary; Jenae Prince, Woodland Elementary; Taylor Rodriguez, Sator Sanchez Elementary; BenQuila Smith, Pershing Elementary; Connie Smith, Forest Park I.E. School;  Donna Sobotka, M.J. Cunningham Elementary; Martha Summers-Romero, Sator Sanchez Elementary; Robin Taylor, Gompers Junior High; Terra Taylor, Pershing Elementary; Alice Thode, Washington Junior High; Rachael VanAllen, Hufford Junior High; Florina Vidana-Reyes, J.F. Kennedy Administrative Center; Yolanda Wilder, Gompers Junior High

Christine Adelmann, Gompers Junior High; Maya Adra, Carl Sandburg Elementary; Patricia Alvarez, Gompers Junior High; Hannah Andrews, Dirksen Junior High; Maritza Arriaga-Martinez, Washington Junior High; Maria G. Arroyo, Gompers Junior High; Marisela Bailon, Washington Junior High; Tiffany Ballak, Washington Junior High; Katie Beckett, Lynne Thigpen Elementary; Ashleigh Bingenheimer, Hufford Junior High; Camille Campbell, Washington Junior High; Alayna Carbajal, Forest Park I.E. School;  Jennifer Carey, Thompson Instructional Center; Michael Carey, Eisenhower Academy; Lori Chaplin, J.F. Kennedy Administrative Center; Mary DeCraene, Pershing Elementary; Daniel Derby, Pershing Elementary; Andre Dudley, Washington Junior High; Pamela Ellison, Sator Sanchez Elementary; Ruairi Fennessy, Washington Junior High; Krystine Franceschina, Dirksen Junior High; Monique Gallagher, Washington Junior High; Vernecia Gee-Davis, J.F. Kennedy Administrative Center; Cristina Gonzalez, Gompers Junior High; Laura Graver, Pershing Elementary; Diane Gray, Sator Sanchez Elementary; Michelle Grygiel, Gompers Junior High; Nora Gutierrez, A.O. Marshall Elementary; Cassandra Hartsfield, Dirksen Junior High; Robert Hauge, Edna Keith Elementary; Carrie Havelka, Farragut Elementary; Nicole Kaestner, Washington Junior High; Andrea Kanive, Gompers Junior High; Katrina Keith, Washington Junior High; Lauren Key, M.J. Cunningham Elementary, Forest Park I.E. School; Victoria Kober, T.E. Culbertson Elementary, Woodland Elementary; Keri Kolozy, Pershing Elementary; Mary Kotek, M.J. Cunningham Elementary; Megan Krause, Sator Sanchez Elementary; Kristen Krefft, Washington Junior High; Danielle Kreml, Hufford Junior High; Kara Madsen, Gompers Junior High; Craig Mark, Hufford Junior High; Jennifer Maxey, Pershing Elementary; Devan McCammack, Edna Keith Elementary; Troy Meyers, Building Support Services; Lisa Muellerschoen, Lynne Thigpen Elementary; Katie Mulligan, Hufford Junior High; Melissa Quitman, Gompers Junior High; Carina Ramirez, Edna Keith Elementary; Jamie Romac, Lynne Thigpen Elementary; Jose Romero, Forest Park I.E. School; Alyssa Schultz, Washington Junior High; Vanessa Serrano, A.O. Marshall Elementary; Michelle Sikic, Hufford Junior High; Deidre Sinchak, Thomas Jefferson Elementary; Ryan Smith, M.J. Cunningham Elementary; Rita Sparks, Gompers Junior High; Anna Stone, Washington Junior High; Anna Tor, Dirksen Junior High; Anna Tujo, Washington Junior High; Elena Vasiliades, Forest Park I.E. School; Patricia Wagner, Hufford Junior High; Annie Walker, Washington Junior High; Amanda Wilhelmi, Dirksen Junior High; Peggy Williams, Hufford Junior High; Jenny Wysock, J.F. Kennedy Administrative Center; Chelsea Young, Woodland Elementary; Jill Young, T.E. Culbertson Elementary, Eisenhower Academy, Edna Keith Elementary, Washington Junior High, Woodland Elementary

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