Homebound Instruction

Homebound Instruction

This page provides information to families about the temporary provision of homebound instruction.  The goal of homebound services is to give the student access to instruction while bound to home and facilitate the student's return to the classroom setting.

Joliet Public Schools District 86 seeks to provide homebound instruction in a seamless manner for students who require this service.  Students are expected to attend school to the fullest extent possible.  However, homebound services may be provided to students who are confined to home or a healthcare facility and are unable to attend school if specific conditions are met.

Homebound instruction is not intended to replace classroom instruction and is, by design, temporary.  It is not a remediation program or provided for students to make up previously missed assignments.  The goal of homebound instruction is to keep the student as current as possible with classroom instruction.  It is expected that the family and school will minimize the amount of academic work missed due to absences prior to the initiation of homebound services.

Communication among the school, the family, homebound teacher, and the building Special Education Coordinator is vital to the success of homebound instruction.  This page provides a summary description of the responsibilities for each individual involved in the implementation of services.  When all parties work together, students are able to benefit from the provision of services and return to the school environment successfully.

Questions about homebound instruction may be directed to the Joliet Public Schools District 86 Homebound Coordinator by calling Equity and Student Services Department at 815-740-3196.

Referral for Homebound Instruction

When a parent or guardian or a member of the school staff anticipates that a student will be unable to attend school due to a medical condition, the District Homebound Coordinator should be notified immediately. If the student is eligible for special education services, the building Special Education Coordinator should also be notified. These individuals will work with the parent/guardian to facilitate a request for homebound instructional services.


A student must be enrolled in Joliet Public Schools District 86 in order to be considered for homebound instructional services.

To be eligible for homebound instruction, it must be anticipated that the student will be unable to attend school due to a medical condition and must be instructed at home or in a healthcare facility for two (2) or more consecutive weeks, or for periods of at least two days at a time multiple times during the school year totaling at least ten (10) or more absences.  A student does not need to be absent from school prior to requesting homebound instruction.  A student is not eligible for homebound instruction where the request is made with less than two (2) weeks left in the school year.

For a student to be considered for homebound instruction, the student’s parent/guardian must submit to District 86 a written statement from a properly licensed physician. The written statement must specify: (1) the child’s medical condition; (2) the impact on the child’s ability to participate in education (including the child’s physical and mental level of tolerance for receiving educational services); and (3) the anticipated duration or nature of the child’s absence from school.


Also, a specific treatment plan and a plan for returning the student to school is requested.