Congratulations District 86 Retirees

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Woods-Clendening

Congratulations to the 20 employees who retired from Joliet Public Schools District 86 this year. Collectively, these employess worked in District 86 for a total of 409 years. The retirees included: Charisse Beach, Farragut Elementary, 9 years; JoAnn Burkhart, A.O. Marshall Elementary, 29 years; Carol Delany, Lynne Thigpen Elementary, 15 years; Laura DiMartino, Taft Elementary, 18 years; Donna Dimmick, Edna Keith Elementary, 28 years; Elva Duran, Sator Sanchez Elementary, 26 years; Pamela Giorgis, Sator Sanchez Elementary, 17 years; Mary Imgruet, Carl Sandburg Elementary, 12 years; Jill Kelley, Eisenhower Academy, 20 years; Floyda Mack, Marycrest Early Childhood Center, 32 years; Susan Parks, J.F. Kennedy Administrative Center, 13 years; Rose Pinnick, Washington Junior High, 16 years; Debra Purchase, Washington Junior High, 12 years; Joan Strella, Lynne Thigpen Elementary, 14 years; Janet Travaglio, Dirksen Junior High, 30 years; John White, Dirksen Junior High, 13 years; Marian Wink, Hufford Junior High, 36 years; Dr. Cheryl Woods-Clendening, J.F. Kennedy Administrative Center, 16 years; Virginia Wisniewski, Marycrest Early Childhood Center, 23 years; Deborah Zola, Farragut Elementary, 30 years.

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