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District Information


Joliet Public Schools District 86 will partner with our community to create a safe and innovative instructional environment to empower all students to become lifelong learners, responsible citizens, and productive members of society.


Joliet Public Schools, District 86 is committed to educating learners for life. All stakeholders have been involved to make this a successful process. We believe that our Vision Statement, along with the Mission Statement supported by Statements of Belief will support the educational programs for all students, employees, board, parents and community.


Tonya M. Roberts, President
Jeffrey K. Pritz, Vice President
Deborah K. Ziech
Gwendolyn R. Ulmer
Christine Kim
Anthony B. Contos
Quinn X. Adamowski



Theresa R. Rouse, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Ankhe Bradley
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Tanisha Cannon
Assistant Superintendent for Student Services

Cheryl D. Woods-Clendening
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Labor Relations

Tamara L. Mitchell
Assistant Superintendent for Business and Financial Services

Nicholas E. Sakellariou
Chief Officer for Legal Services and Labor Relations

John J. Armstrong
Director of Technology and Information Services

Sandra L. Zalewski
Coordinator for Communications and Development


All children receive instruction in the curricular areas of language arts, mathematics, science, social science, fine arts, and physical development and health. In addition, we provide Early Childhood instruction, gifted education, bilingual education, before and after school programs, and comprehensive special services programs. We have implemented differentiated instruction in all classrooms and offer accelerated math and language arts instruction.


Student Achievement

  • Strengthen and support professional learning communities to foster continuous growth in order to ensure every student achieves maximum potential.

Student Services

  • Provide a safe and supportive environment in every school that ensures high levels of learning for all students.


  • Utilizing viable technology resources, District 86 will provide and sustain modern learning environments throughout the District.

Human Resources

  • Target Strategies, in partnership wth our community, to recruit, retain, and support highly qualified and diverse staff who will positively impact student learning.

Parent/Community Involvement

  • All District 86 Schools will offer opportunities for parents and the community to be involved in creating student success.


Joliet Public Schools District 86 covers 26.4 square miles in Joliet, Illinois. The District includes:

  • 15 Elementary Schools
  • 4 Junior High Schools
  • 1 Early Childhood Center
  • 1 Alternative School

Enrollment: 11,943 students (06/05/2014)

Ethnic Breakout:

55% Hispanic
27% African-American
14% Caucasian
4% Other

Full Day Kindergarten is offered.

1412 employees, 689 teachers

Operating Expense Per Pupil: $9,882.57
Per Capita Tuition Charge Per Pupil: $7,862.69

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