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Emergency Procedures

School Closings
A decision to close school will normally be made by 5:00 a.m., based on road conditions, weather reports, police reports and personal inspections of streets and campuses by District 86 personnel.

When schools are to be closed, media outlets will be notified between 4:30-5:30 a.m.

All District 86 families and staff will be notified through the School Reach recorded telephone message system, and an alert will be posted on the District 86 web site ( Those who sign up for electronic newsletters via the District 86 web site will also receive electronic notification of school closings. Additionally, we encourage parents to continue to monitor the media stations listed below. Parents are asked to NOT contact the District Office or school officials until after 7:30 a.m.

After School Activities and Events
If school is closed, ALL before and after school activities and events are also canceled.

In the event that adverse weather conditions arise when school is already in session and after school activities and events need to be canceled, an announcement will be made at each school and families will be notified through the School Reach recorded telephone message system. An alert will also be posted on the District 86 web site.

Absence Because of Adverse Weather Conditions
If the schools are open but parents believe that their child's normal route to school is unsafe, parents may choose to keep their child at home.

AM Radio
WJOL-AM 1340

FM Radio
WERV-FM 95.9 (95.9 The River)
WSSR-FM 96.7
WCCQ-FM 98.3
WXRQ-FM 100.7
WLEY-FM 107.9
CLTV (Cable 38)


District 86 makes every effort to provide safe transportation for students. If road conditions prohibit our school bus drivers from safely navigating their routes, school will be canceled. If District 86 determines that it is unsafe to transport District 86 students to school because of bad weather, we will also not transport students who attend school outside of District 86, even if those outside placement schools are open. At times, our buses will be able to operate safely but our drivers will need to adjust their schedules due to the changing road conditions. When schools are open during adverse weather conditions parents are asked to personally supervise the safe loading of children. Individuals with questions are encouraged to call their school principal.

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