Students Receive Superintendent's Award for First Trimester


Congratulations to the Joliet Public Schools District 86 students who received the Superintendent’s Award for the first trimester of the 2022-2023 school year. Only one student from each District 86 school was selected for this honor. Superintendent Dr. Theresa Rouse, along with the school principal, surprised the students with the award. 

The student winners were: Jeida Smith, T.E. Culbertson Elementary; Brianna Booker, M.J. Cunningham Elementary; Devon Brewer-Lowe, Dirksen Junior High; Karla Bautista, Eisenhower Academy; Pailah Washington, Farragut Elementary; Isaac Padilla, Forest Park Individual Education School; Josiah Scott, Thomas Jefferson Elementary; Ashley Subias, Gompers Junior High; Sofia Talarico, Hufford Junior High; Damya Clark, Edna Keith Elementary; Maria Romero Escobar, A.O. Marshall Elementary; Faith Winterfeldt, Marycrest Early Childhood Center; William James-Core, Jr., Pershing Elementary; Michael Tennial, Sator Sanchez Elementary; Leilani Russell, Carl Sandburg Elementary; Mason Mitchell, Isaac Singleton Elementary; Jaxon McCormick, Taft Elementary; John Casillas Kukla, Lynne Thigpen Elementary; Juan Hobbs, Thompson Instructional Center; Jacob Prieto, Washington Junior High; and Josiah Small, Woodland Elementary.

Twenty-one additional students will receive this award at the end of the second and third trimester of the school year. 

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