Joliet Business Supports District 86 Students


Markelz Business Interiors donated over 1,600 Paddy Pillows, books, and music CDs to Joliet Public Schools District 86. The items were given to preschool students at Marycrest and Kindergarten students at Culbertson, Cunningham, Farragut, Forest Park I.E., Jefferson, Keith, Marshall, Pershing, Sanchez, Sandburg, Singleton, Taft, Thigpen, Thompson, and Woodland schools.

“We cannot thank Janet Markelz, President of Markelz Business Interiors, enough for her donation,” said Joliet Public Schools District 86 Director of Communications Sandy Zalewski, “The students were thrilled to meet Paddy!”

Paddy Pillow was designed and created by Aimee Markelz to help children identify, understand, and express emotions in a healthy way.

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