Dirksen Students Named to Student Council


Congratulations to the Dirksen Junior High School students who were selected to serve on the school’s Student Council. The new members include:

Sixth Grade
Jenesis Davis, Sophia Fajardo, Gizelley Garcia, Kimberly Garcia, Xavier Lenoir, Yoselin Monroy, Melany Olivares, Valery Olivares, Jose Nieto Roa, Evelyne Perez-Bedolla, Adael Renteria, Natalia Rojas, Valerie Ruiz Flores, Jake Sanchez, Maye Villagomez   

Seventh Grade 
Emma Becker, Mia Diaz, Brianna Espinoza, ShyAwnna Green 

Eighth Grade   
Aaron Briseno, Edelle Gillihan, Valerie Chavez, Mariana Reyes, Evanie Urso

The students join current student council members Kaylah Howard, Layla Howard, Dahlia Rosales, Jimmy Sanchez, and Chloe VanNess.

The group works with teachers and administrators to improve student life, better the community, and provide students with a voice. The Dirksen Student Council recently coordinated a book and toy drive for MorningStar Mission. The students currently meet virtually twice a month, with additional meetings held to organize service projects for the community. The student council is sponsored by Dirksen Junior High teachers Belinda Bair and Jonathan Forkal.

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