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Pushed Apps vs. Approved Apps

There are two types of Chromebook app categories in District 86: "pushed," and "approved."

  • "Pushed" apps are those that all users will automatically have on their device upon logging in.  These are the apps that users will need to function at a basic user level. See the Pushed App List to see what you should already find on all Chromebook devices.

  • "Approved" apps are those that integrate technology in a more specific way.  These apps are generally grade-level, content, or project-specific and not all users will need all of them, but all users have the ability to add any of these as needed.


Finding"Approved" Apps: To find approved apps,  login to the Google Web Store and click on "For Joliet 86". This will show you all apps that have been approved and are ready to be downloaded. 


Requesting a Free App: To request a free app be added to the district approved list, simply submit a Help Desk ticket. Select "App Request" as the Request Type. Please include the followintg information in the ticket details:

  • The exact name of the app

  • The URL link to the app

  • What grade level it is intended for

  • What educational purpose will it serve? How will it be used in the classroom?

Requesting a Paid App: All paid app requests will require an App Request Form attached to a Help Desk ticket. The Help Desk ticket needs to be submitted by the building administrator.  



Making Sense of Apps, Addons, and Extensions


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