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Supportive Learning Specialist/Behavior Analyst Services

Joliet Public Schools District 86 maintains a staff of Supportive Leaning Specialist/Behavior Analysts (SLS/BA). In their Supportive Learning Specialist role the staff provides consultative services to general education teachers for specific students identified with mild special education needs. These services are provided in the form of instructional and classroom management recommendations as outline in the student’s Individual Education Program (IEP). The SLS/BA maintains familiarity and expertise with current materials and methodology for the education of children with special needs and communicates frequently with building staff and parents regarding the progress of these students.

In their Behavior Analyst role these staff members conduct functional behavior assessments for those special education students exhibiting serious behavior and emotional difficulties in the school setting. The SLS/BA is responsible for arranging and chairing the conference at which the results of the functional behavior assessment are discussed and a behavior intervention plan developed, if needed. The SLS/BA monitors and provides follow up services for all implemented behavior intervention plans.

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