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Instructional Program

Placement in an Instructional Program means that a student is removed from the general education student population for all (or some; generally greater than 60 percent of the instructional day) academic subjects to work in a small controlled setting with a special education teacher. Students in an Instructional Program may be working at various academic levels, with different textbooks and different curricula. Instructional classes offer structure, routine, and appropriate expectations for students that may require a higher level of specialization to address their individual educational needs.

The Instructional Program is designed to provide an alternative instructional environment for students whose educational needs exceed the supports that can be provided within the Inclusion setting.

Other examples of students who may be enrolled in self-contained rooms include students with developmental issues, behavioral concerns, students with specific academic struggles (i.e., reading, science), or students learning to read with dyslexia.

The Instructional curriculum is presented using a variety of teaching styles and differentiation from the basic curriculum through: Implementation of a differentiated curriculum, Application of active decision making, Application of time management and organizational skills for long-term assignments, Individual investigation and small group work. Oral and written experiences, and Ongoing peer and self-evaluation.

The goal of the Instructional Program is to develop and implement a program that meets the academic and social needs of students with exceptionalities. In addition, the program provides encouragement, flexibility in scheduling, individualizing, enrichment, grouping, and differentiation to ensure a learning continuum that is congruent with the student’s ability. The program seeks to encourage and motivate students to develop their abilities to their fullest potential.

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