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Emotional Disability Program

The Emotional Disability Program (ED) is an educational program designed to meet the special requirements of students who cannot benefit from a general education placement because of behavioral patterns that adversely affect their educational performance.

The curriculum used in the ED Program is district approved curriculum. Students are exposed to the district curriculum, however, the instruction is differentiated to meet the learning needs of all students. Interventions (e.g. SRA, Read Naturally), which vary amongst buildings, are utilized to target deficit skills. The classroom setting is highly structured, behavior based and supportive to individual learning styles.

A major behavioral management component of the ED program is the point level system. Consisting of four levels, a student can move up the levels by earning 20 days in each level. The students are required to display appropriate behavior of a percentage of the day, which is indicated on the individual behavior plan. The classrooms consist of a store, in which students can purchase items with their points earned on their behavior sheets. Within each classroom, there is a “cool down” area used to give students a place to de escalate themselves. In the event that it is not effective, the students can utilize In School-Supervision; a supervised room for students to reflect on the behavior. Joliet Public Schools District 86 provides an alternative to out of school suspension for students in the ED program. CIBS (Crisis Intervention Behavioral Stabilization) allows students to serve their suspension at the Thompson Instructional Center, District 86 alternative school.

The ultimate goals of the program are to provide the exposure to the district approved curriculum, provide the related services (speech therapy, occupational therapy, social work services, physical therapy, behavior interventionist services) as deemed necessary by the IEP team, and behavior modification strategies to enhance functioning in the school environment. The learning environment affords the students the ability to reach his/her full potential.

Mainstreaming opportunities are available for students based on their acquisition of skills and movement to level four in the point system. As teacher’s monitor the success of students, the goal is to provide opportunities for students to join the general education population with services in place to support the needs of the students.

The Emotional Disability Program provides students K-8 identified as eligible by the IEP team with a structured environment that modifies and shapes appropriate behavior. The goal is to prepare students for success in the feneral education environment.

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