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Autism - Social, Sensory, Communication Program

The Autism Program is designed to enable students with a diagnosis of Autism to function successfully in the standard education setting with various degrees of support. The Autism program services students in the regular education classroom, in cross-categorical instructional Special Education classrooms, and in an instructional Kindergarten-First grade class.

The students in the Kindergarten-First grade classroom require a highly structured environment. The design of the highly structured environment comes from the TEACCH model. In addition to adapting the environment, the classroom uses visual schedules, extensive data documentation, and may use social scripts, strategies for sensory issues, and language development.

The ultimate goal of the program is to provide a structured environment which will minimize the adverse affects from deficits in the social, sensory, communication, and academic areas. The highly structured environment and strategies aim to maximize the students’ social, self-care, and pre-vocational skills allowing each student to be a successful learner. This will in turn transfer these skills to a dignified living, working, and recreational environment in one’s community.

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