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Multi-Needs Program

The Multi-Needs Program is designed to meet the educational and physical needs of students in grades K-8. Students eligible for the program have been diagnosed with a physical disability and/or health impairment by a medical physician. A physical disability indicates the student has a mobility impairment and that an adapted, accessible environment is needed. A health impairment indicates that the child’s health condition is acute and chronic in nature. Students who require services in this program learn in a small, self-contained, structured environment within the regular education building based upon their grade level and have daily access to the general education environment. The program is individualized to meet the needs of the student. Students who qualify for this program have some level of cognitive delay and may have a delay in the area of speech/language. Assistive technology and augmentative communication devices may be utilized in order to access the curriculum. In order to address the student’s physical and cognitive needs, Adaptive Physical Education is provided by a certified teacher. Additional support from a related service provider such as a physical/occupational therapist, vision or hearing itinerant, may also be required based upon individual needs.

The goal of the Multi-Needs Program is to foster independence and allow students to acquire both academic and functional skills in order to prepare for the real world. When appropriate and based upon individual student ability, and instructional program will be provided which is driven by a curriculum that reflects the curriculum offered in the general education setting. The primary academic component of the program utilizes research based interventions, such as Edmark Reading and Edmark safety signs, in order to teach students to recognize/read words related to their school, neighborhoods and community. Students also learn about money and math as a life skill. Both the elementary and middle school programs incorporate a life center where students learn to cook, clean and perform household chores in a structured, systematic manner. The knowledge that students gain in school is further reinforced through community based instruction. Community trips are designed to teach students how to navigate the community, catch a bus, order food, pay for groceries or learn about water safety.

Parent participation in the Multi-Needs Program is encouraged and various opportunities are available throughout the year. One of the popular events includes the LIFE Symposium which allows parents to become familiar with community resources and allows them to meet other parents of students with similar needs.

The Multi-Needs Program provides structured, individualized and group instruction to systematically reinforce skills and prepare students for a happy and productive future. The knowledge gained through this program increases student self-confidence, sparks an eagerness to learn and promotes independence.

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