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21st Century

21st Century is a special after school program that runs throughout the school year. The intent of this very special program is to assist the child and increase their knowledge with homework study, reading, and math skills. Character education, art, career and technology programs all reinforce the growth of each child. Children also have the opportunity to participate in weekly hands-on field trips.

The 21st Century Kids Club sponsors a program at Farragut, Keith, Pershing, Sanchez, Thigpen, Woodland, Dirksen and Gompers.

The Boys and Girls Club has a 21st Century program at Washington and Hufford.

Children for Peace

Children for Peace is a Joliet Public Schools District 86 initiative that will instill in our children peaceful strategies to resolve issues and to recognize those who contribute and support peace in the Joliet community. More than 11,000 students in sixteen elementary and four junior high schools will engage in various projects throughout the year to promote kindness, encourage positive self-esteem and foster constructive student relations. Activities include district wide food drive, "Put an End to Bullying" curriculum, art exhibit, music curriculum, poetry/essay contest, and random acts of kindness.


Joliet Reads

Safe School Officers

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Our schools, as partners with our children's parents and with the community, will create a safe and positive environment in which all students will learn and develop to their greatest potential. All students will be empowered to become lifelong learners, responsible citizens and caring members of their communities.

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